We manufacture made to measure LED illumination for your vehicle.

LED lights made to measure for various applications in and on the vehicle.

You are looking for LED lights of special kind?
The LED more and more finds its way into the vehicle sector.

bluleu has developed different LED lighting systems for vehicles.

Our Ship LED automotive LED system has been designed for making the access into coaches safer. The LED light profile is underneath the door and is exposed to the adversities of weather and roads all-over the year. However, due to the application of our high-quality LED technology, powder-coated aluminum profiles and a specially developed polyurethane cast, our lights work without any problems in this sector.


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bluleu ShipLED lights are also applied in the inner area.

ShipLED panels for a homogeneous lighting surface, ShipLED profile for linear LED light and ShipLED spots for targeted light effects.

Set a highlight with our ShipLED glass – light systems. Glass panes of tempered safety glass/laminated safety glass with lasered logos, images, pictograms or texts which particularly show to advantage by edge-feeded LED light.

All LED systems are designed that way that it can be worked with board voltage 12VDC / 24 VDC.


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